Today is 9/11

It has joined the other significant dates on our calendars – July 4, December 25, January 1. Just hearing the date brings to mind memories and images. But unlike the other, the images are dark and the memories unpleasant and disheartening. Earlier generations recognized a similar dark day, December 7, the Pearl Harbor attack. But those Americans also recognized June 6, when the Allies launched the invasion that would lead us to victory over those who would have enslaved us.

On 9/11/2019 we are a different country than we were 18 years ago. Shocked and then angry, we became unified against a common enemy, as we were after 12/7/1941. But, on this anniversary, the populace is divided, polarized – many of “the natives are restless”. The seemingly endless war in Afghanistan is one of the few frequent reminders of the 9/11 aftermath. Twenty- and thirty-somethings have a dim or no recollection of that day in 2001. Many of them (and many of their older fellow-travelers) are answering the siren call of false prophets of globalism and a world of peace and justice. Would that such a dream were possible!

I am an OWG, like Bernie. By the way, Happy belated 78th, guy! But, I believe in reality. I accept the fact that human nature is flawed, not divine. Unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment and disenchantment, sometimes expressed in violent behavior. In my mind, Bernie and his ilk, are playing with fire. As a result of their exhortations and fancifully raised expectations, we might all get burned (Bern’ed?).

9/11, a day of solemn remembrance to many, a day that should give pause and inspire reflection as to what our country should be, to all.


OttoPolitico is a blog about, yes you are correct, Politics. No doubt you have an interest – and an opinion – or you wouldn’t be reading this.

My purpose is to explore the subject area in many aspects, sometimes topically, sometimes philosophically, sometimes focusing on current events, sometimes looking for historical antecedents to the present day pickle. I will expose my opinions, some strong, some week. But I will always be open to differing opinions as long as they are expressed in civil language and don’t confuse fact and opinion. Ultimately the objective is more discussion and less diatribe.

On this August 12, 2019, the body politic might have any one of a number of subjects as top of mind: gun control, sexual criminals, extreme privilege, a variety of perceived victimized groups/ injustices, a hated President/who will be the next President, a despised 1%, rights of unborn/just born in jeopardy, and many more possibilities.

I expect to take on most of these over time. If you might be interested in participating or just observing the fray, come visit again. Then I will have a first subject and I will open the door to participation.

Enjoy the day!

Yours in politics, Otto.

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Retired- OWG.

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